Day 11

I faced Day Eleven with a good bit of trepidation. Let’s be honest, no one looks forward to their chemotherapy infusion. That statement is right up there with “water is wet”. Had some good things going for me. My oncologist pulled back the Oxaliplatin for my last two infusions. The numbness in my feet and hands has been causing problems. Since nerve damage is a side effect; cutting it out isn’t a bad thing. The other big side effect is cold sensitivity, so not having that is a good thing. I mean, it’s summer. It’s hot. I’d like something cold to drink.

On the flip side; we were meeting with the Oncologist and trying to find out what our next steps will be. That’s a bit easier said than done, even at this point. I was more than a little nervous and what we’d be told. More chemo? Other treatments? The unknown was weighing heavy going into that appointment.

kotm-gijoe-psa-fullI’d like to take a break from our regular scheduled programming and bring you this public service announcement. There isn’t a delicate way to have this conversation, but we’ll try. Get your pictures taken. Do your hair, brush your teeth, relax and smile. Not much more that you can do. There are other … less invasive ways to get screened for colon cancer. Isn’t technology wonderful? Any way you do it, get checked out. Trust me, you’re not too young. Now you know and well… You know the rest.


I’ve got one more Chemo infusion to get through. After that, there’s going to be a pause of about six weeks. Over the next few months, there’s at least one CT scan in my immediate future as well as a colonoscopy. Oh, I’m getting the pictures this time. After all, I need something to include with the Christmas cards, fight? Holding out hope that the CT and colonoscopy don’t show up anything; I’ll be repeating both of those every year for the next couple of years.

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