Shortly after Halloween, I went to sleep with a stomach ache. I woke up being a cancer survivor. If that sounds strange, it is even stranger to actually write it.

I started this, not with the intent of attracting any followers, but to have a cathartic release from what’s going on. Understandably enough, there’s been a lot to get used to and come to grips with. A friend suggested putting though and what not to paper; so it’s an opportunity for me to write and try to figure this thing out.

It is also a bit easier to share what has been going on here, in a blog, instead of use Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a spell check and grammar here that Facebook is lacking.

The Story So Far seemed appropriate. After all my story didn’t start on Halloween. It certainly isn’t finished. This is just where I am. I’ve joked for years that if I had a biography the title would end up being “I’m Probably Just Hungry”. So here we are. So far, anyways.

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