Small Word

My job doesn’t offer disability if you are sick, injured, recovering from surgery or what not. You have sick leave and vacation time that you use. After that, you can apply to be put into a Leave Donor program. What happens with the Leave Donor program is that folks can “give” you their vacation time that you can use. That’s what I ended up having to do. I used up all of my accrued sick and vacation leave and threw myself on the mercy of my peers for donated leave.

I got some news this week that completely humbled me. Three days after the request went out, I had over 300 hours of leave donated to me to use for my recovery. A touch over seven and a half weeks. My co-workers donated 305 hours that they could have spent with their families, to me. That’s incredible. Obviously, I’m thankful. Thank you just seems such a small word to say, but it’s all I have.

Your generosity leaves me completely humbled. Thank you.


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