BIG 10

Finished up week ten. Only two more sessions until I’m done with chemo. At least that’s what I’ve been promised by my Oncologist. It seems like it say that every week was a tough week. Here’s a hint; they’ve all been tough in their own way.

In my defense most of this was my own doing. I did something pretty dumb. Well, I had agreed to it when I was feeling better, I just had to fulfill those promises when I was not so ship shape. So, I went out of town for work. Spent the week out in San Diego. I know poor me. The weather was horrible, 70 degrees and sunshine. What was bad was getting from here to there and back again. Travelling coast to coast is hard enough when I’m on my game. When I’m not feeling great, it sucks. I realized something important that week though. I don’t snap back like I used too. It’s a little harder to get up in the morning when I’ve been flying and running through airports.

Lessons were learned, that’s the important part. Every time I learn a little bit more of what I’m capable of and what my limits are. Here’s a hint; I’ve been finding out that my limits are a good bit closer to home than I always imagine.

A less than restful week leading up to Chemo left a little to be desired. I was whacked. I was down. It was a tough week. Thankfully, my God was looking out for me. He didn’t take my pain or neuropathy away. He didn’t take my symptoms away. What he did was nourish my soul and feed my spirit. Thursday night, I was struggling to eat some cold cereal for lunch. Not that I was hungry, but because I knew I needed to eat. My feet were really a problem. If they didn’t hurt from the nerve pain, then they were cold and hurt from the cold sensitivity pain that I’ve had. Either way, my feet would alternate between burning pain and numbness pain.

God sent a good friend and brother in Christ, Doug, that we haven’t seen in a long time. Doug and his family moved a few years back due to work, and I’ve missed my brother in Christ. His visit was just what I needed that evening.  He just happened to be in town for work. He just happened to be nearby and stop. He just happened to hear God’s whisper that stopping by was a good idea. I can’t explain how much better I felt. Some time catching up with an old friend; spending it in the Word and I was a new man. It buoyed my spirits and I was able to finish up my week on a high note. The pain was still there; I still couldn’t hold or touch anything colder than room temperature, but God knew just what I really needed and delivered it right on time.

There is truly no “just happened” or coincidence when God is involved. He cares for us in the ways that we don’t even know that we need.


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